How to Jump Higher

How to Jump Higher


There is a big difference between being able to jump and jumping like a pro… In this article we’ll talk about the difference – why you can’t jump high enough and how to jump higher in a few simple steps.

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Let’s get started: Lace ‘em up tight!

I’m serious about lacing up tightly. Some players lace up so loosely and their feet will slide around within the shoe so they lose a slight amount of reactivity.

Any amount of “sliding” you do in your shoes diminishes the power you put into the ground. So lace your shoes up tight enough to secure your foot tightly into your shoe. You will notice being slightly more reactive cutting and even jumping from a run, especially if you lace up habitually too loosely.

A few words about footwear…

The most important part of a shoe is how well it fits.

The only real advancement shoes have made that make a difference is an added “carbon shank” that stiffens the sole of the shoe. This makes the foot a stiffer, more reactive lever in applying force into the ground and supports your foot muscles during plantar flexion (driving your foot into the ground).

Several shoes are making stiffer soles but Hyperdunks, Kobes, and several others actually have the carbon fiber shank. Most basketball shoes have stiffer soles, so as long as you are not using a flimsy-soled walking or running shoe you are probably fine.

Prepare your body for maximum effort contraction, unhindered mobility, and reactive tendons and muscles.

Foam rolling

Foam rolling is a fantastic way to enervate your central nervous system, improve tissue quality, and increase blood flow. Foam rolling can even remove muscular pains and trigger points instantly.

You can get a foam roller cheap at Walmart, or at a sporting goods store. If you don’t have access just Google “homemade foam roller” and there are several ways to make them.

Do it all – Start with the back, move to the glutes, hamstrings, calves. Cover the entire posterior chain. Move to your anterior tibialis (shins), quads, abs and chest. Roll over to your lats and arms.

If you’re new to foam rolling just do it… it works – I promise!

Trick your body into jumping higher with “post activation potentiation”

Lifting heavy weights explosively trains your nervous system to recruit more muscles and send stronger neural signals.

When you lift heavy weights and then perform a vertical jump you will “steal” some of that neural pattern and end up jumping more explosively

Rather than do a squat, I’ve found doing jump squats with heavy dumbbells to yield greater sport specific activation.

See if you can do 5 explosive jumps in with 1⁄2 your 1RM. Follow up immediately with standard sport-specific jumping.

Use the breath to jump higher.

Ok, now you’re thinking I’m going too far, right?!

Powerlifters use the breath to squat, deadlift, and bench press higher weights.

Anything Else?

Martial artists use the breath to punch and kick harder.

Jumpers can use the breath to increase their vertical!

The principle is simple.

If you exhale at the moment of impact, your body and core will lose its stiffness and you will lose some energy return.

Instead, hold the breath at the time of impact and allow it to help keep the core powerful and reactive.

Try it… you may find you already hold your breath, but if not you might find yourself jumping a little higher.




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